Professional FRP Duct Rodder Supplier for Cable Laying

Three FRP duct rodders, two are portable, one is with rubber wheel.

YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd., operated from China, is a pioneering enterprise in fiberglass product industry. Established in 2000, we have been dedicating to producing high quality, customized Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products. Our products have been used throughout the world, with excellent performance in practical use.

What can FRP duct rodder do for you?

FRP duct rodder is commonly used for cable and wire laying in the conduit. With this excellent tool, you can easily thread the cable and wire through the conduit. It shows its strong high tensile strength and elasticity when doing the threading job.

Main products:

  1. Fiberglass duct rodder.
  2. Wheeled duct rodder.
  3. Portable duct rodder.
Why us?

We have been recognized as a trusted supplier throughout the world, mainly owing to the following features:

The duct rodder are being checked the diameter.
Accurate dimension

We check every duct rodder diameter and length before delivery to make sure the precise dimension.

There is a piece of duct rodder with a copper head.
Never drop copper head

We connect the copper head with the rod by hydraulic compression technology and the copper head will never drop from the rod during using.

There is two pieces of traceable fiberglass rod with copper wire inside.
Copper or steel wire inside the rod

We can add copper wire and steel wire inside the fiberglass rod to make the rod traceable and electric.

The rod is printed with meter mark.
Meter mark and website printing

We can print meter mark and customized website in the rod.

The duct rod are put in a black strong frame.
Strengthened frame

We use double steel pipes frames to meet the high requirements of customers.

There are skid resistance rubber wheels.
Skid resistance solid rubber wheels

We use most strong skid resistance solid rubber wheels in the duct rodders. The solid rubber wheels have long using life than plastic wheels.

There are three different design duct rodders.
Customized Europe style duct rodder

We can produce customized duct rodders, such as Europe style, Australia style, Korea Style and so on.

How to choose suitable duct rodder
We offer various sizes of duct rodders. Rod diameters includes 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm. Each rod diameter has its optional length. You can choose a suitable duct rodder from three aspects.

Choosing a suitable duct rodder
Size of the conduit

Each rod diameter has its recommended conduit size, you can refer to the detailed description in wheeled duct rodder and portable duct rodder pages.

Distance of the rod to be pushed

Sometimes the rod length is not long enough to reach the exit of the conduit, so you need to know the distance of the rod to be pushed. Two duct rods can be connected by a swivel connector.

Number and tightness of bends in the duct

The duct rod is full of high tensile strength and elasticity. But each rod has its minimum bending radius. Learn more about the number and tightness of bends in the duct to avoid breaking of the rod.

Various colors
Apart from the above three aspects, color is another condition to choose. The duct rod and the frame can be designed into various colors.

The left shows the duct rod's available color and the right shows the steel frame's available color.
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Wheeled Duct Rodder

Wheeled duct rodder features two wheels inboard or outboard of the frame, which makes the duct rodder to be transported easily.

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A portable duct rodder with yellow pulling rod and galvanized frame, totally enclosed handle.

Fiberglass Duct Rodder

Duct rodder works excellently due to its high tensile strength, smooth and elastic surface. Various colors and sizes to meet your demand.

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A portable conduit rodder with vertical handle and white rods on the white background.

Duct Rodder

Duct rodder combines easy operation and durable performance to help improve the efficiency of cable laying and pipeline cleaning operations.

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Duct Rodder Technology

Here are complete knowledge about how to choose and detailed operation introduction. Just refer to them and find some solutions you want. Or just contact us to get the accurate answer.