Accessory for Broken Replacement and Easy Passing

A set of rod grapple
Rod grapple set, used together and enter from two ends of the conduit.

In complicated plumbing situations, accessory is needed when the pulling rod is broken or not long enough to reach the end of the pipeline. All of our duct rodders come with a range of accessories and spare parts. Accessories can be screwed on the frame of the duct rodder, and accessory and repair kit are also available, with a canvas bag attached on the cage of the duct rodder, which is perfect to keep all the accessories safe, and ensures versatility to handle any problem at the job site.

Accessories include drawing head, swivel connector, mini harness, roller guide, repair kit, flexible guide tip, etc. Several accessories are listed below in detail.

Rod grapple set

Rod grapple set is used when the conduit is very long and the bend is not easy to pass. Put the two loops on one half into the conduit, when it pass the bend with difficulty, push the four hooks grapple from the other end of the conduit, when the two grapples meet, twisting will engage the two halves, and all of the rods can be pulled through the conduit easily.

Drawing head

Drawing head is attached to the end fitting on the duct rod. It guides the rod through the conduit, and the pulling eye allows a pull line to be attached to the duct rod. It is made of high quality copper.

Three drawing heads, made of copper, swivel eye and the connector is screwed by the thread.
Three drawing heads, for guiding the rod through the conduit.

Swivel connector

It is necessary to have this swivel connector when the pulling rod is not long enough for the conduit length to be rodded. With the swivel connector, two rods can be screwed together. Various sizes to choose.

There are two pieces of swivel connector of different type.
We provide two kinds of swivel connector used for connecting two rods.

End connector

Male and female end connector is supplied to connect with other accessories such as rod ends, flexible guide tips, etc.

Two end connectors, according to the thread position, one is male end connector, one is female end connector.
Nylon ties for binding the accessory kit.

Nylon ties

Nylon ties can be used to fasten the canvas bag (repair kit) on the frame.

Three black nylon ties, one folded buckle shape.
Nylon ties for binding the accessory kit.

Flexible spring guide tip

Flexible spring guide tip is used to guide rod through bends in the conduit, the spring leader helps protect the end of the pulling rod when going around bends.

A flexible spring guide tip.

Roller guide

Roller guide is used to push the rod through the conduit when cables are already in place. The roller, which can rotate on the hardened shoulder bolts, prevents the rod from wedging in under the cables.

A roller guide needed to be attached to the rod.

Repair kit

One black canvas repair kit, with four openings for attaching to the frame of the duct rodder.
One canvas repair kit for storing repair tools and some accessories.

With a canvas repair kit attached on the frame with nylon ties, you can easily handle any special condition that needs to be repaired. The male and female end fitting repair includes emery cloth ,epoxy, and one small stick. You can also put some accessories like roller guide and drawing head into the canvas repair kit for broken replacement.

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