Duct Rodder Differs from Rod Structure, Wheels and Frames for Multi-Applications

Duct rodder, also called conduit rodder, duct snake, is a fiberglass based rod material used for soft wire, strip and other materials conveying in the duct, conduit or tubes.

Structure of duct rodder

A galvanized frame, red fiberglass rod wheeled duct rodder with nylon wheel.
DR-05: Nylon wheel duct rodder.
A galvanized frame, red fiberglass rod wheeled duct rodder with rubber wheel.
DR-06: Rubber wheel duct rodder.
  • Rod. The rod can be fiberglass rod and PP sheath or inserted with copper wire.
    • Fiberglass inner core and PP sheath. This structure belongs to most of conduit rodder, which is also called conventional duct rodder. The rod of duct rodder is composed of two main part. All the material are made from state-of-the-art materials to supply high performance and durability. The core rod is made from fiberglass filaments. The filaments are impregnated with a liquefied resin. Then the fibers are drawn and pultruded into rods and then it is coated with a highly durable, scratch resistant polypropylene sheath.
    • Inserted copper wire, fiberglass inner core and PP sheath. In the traceable duct rodder, the rod is composed of three parts, which the inner core is inserted with copper wire, which has excellent traceable performance.
    A hand is holding a duct rodder and we can see the fiberglass rod and yellow PP sheath.
    DR-01: Conventional duct rodder sectional structure: fiberglass rod and PP sheath.
    A hand is holding a duct rodder and we can see the copper wire, fiberglass rod and yellow PP sheath.
    DR-02: Traceable duct rodder sectional structure: copper wire, fiberglass rod and PP sheath.
  • Frame. The frame of duct rodder is made of galvanized reinforced steel pipe, which supplies higher durability and stability. The frame can be made into different types.
    • Vertical handle. Vertical handle is commonly seen in portable duct rodder. Which has smaller diameter and lighter weight than wheeled conduit rodder. It is convenient for people to carry and take away.
    • Oblique handle. The larger diameter or heavy weight wheeled duct rodder has oblique handle, which is convenient for pushing and pulling the duct rodder.
    A portable conduit rodder with vertical handle and white rods on the white background.
    DR-03: Vertical handle of portable duct rodder.
    A wheeled conduit rodder with oblique handle and white rods on the white background.
    DR-04: Oblique handle of wheeled duct rodder.
  • Wheels.
    Most of the duct snakes in large diameter and heavy weight are designed with wheels for easy transport and operating. In some portable duct rodders, it is also designed with wheels.
    • Nylon wheels. Low cost and economical.
    • Rubber wheels. It has better abrasion resistance than nylon wheels.

Specifications of duct rodder

  • Material: fiberglass inner core and PP coating.
  • Rod diameter: 4.5 mm – 16 mm.
  • Color: yellow, white, red, blue and other customized colors.
  • Rod length: max. 600 m.
  • Frame: galvanized or PVC coating.
  • Wheel: nylon and rubber.
Table 1: Specifications of duct rodder
Item Rod Diameter
Tensile Strength
Minimum Bending Radius
Typical Max. Duct Diameter
Max. Length of Push or Pull
DRS-01 4.5 2300 105 50 100
DRS-02 6 5800 180 60 150
DRS-03 8 7700 260 80 200
DRS-04 9 8580 300 100 250
DRS-05 10 9820 360 150 300
DRS-06 11 11000 400 200 350
DRS-07 12 13000 450 250 400
DRS-08 13 17500 510 300 150
DRS-09 14 19500 560 350 500
DRS-10 15 23200 610 400 550
DRS-11 16 25120 660 450 600

Features of duct rodder

  • Time and labor saving.
  • High softness and not easy to breakage.
  • Firm structure and long lasting.
  • Corrosion, chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Easy operating and needs no special skills.
Four duct rodders in different diameters are packed perfectly with woven bag on white background.
DR-07: Duct rodder can be customized in different diameters and lengths to fit different applications.

Applications of duct rodder

  • Optical cable laying.
  • Communication cable laying.
  • Pipeline dredge and cleaning.

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