Duct Rodder List

A portable conduit rodder with vertical handle and white rods on the white background.

Duct Rodder

Duct rodder combines easy operation and durable performance to help improve the efficiency of cable laying and pipeline cleaning operations.

An electrician stringing machine is displayed on the white background.

Electrician Stringing Machine

Electrician stringing machine is a perfect tool to aid in pulling cable through ducts and panel boxes. It helps saving time, effort and labor and improving the work efficiency.

A portable duct rodder with yellow pulling rod and galvanized frame, totally enclosed handle.

Fiberglass Duct Rodder

Duct rodder works excellently due to its high tensile strength, smooth and elastic surface. Various colors and sizes to meet your demand.

A duct rodder with red rubber wheel, red pulling rod, a hand brake on the carrier, also with duct rod grapples set and a drawing head.

Wheeled Duct Rodder

Wheeled duct rodder features two wheels inboard or outboard of the frame, which makes the duct rodder to be transported easily.

One duct rodder, with yellow rod and outboard wheel, detailed component parts introduction of the duct rodder.

Portable Duct Rodder

Without wheels on the carrier, portable duct rodder is made for handy carry in cable and wire placing. Rod diameter varies from 4mm to 10mm.

A traceable duct rodder and a detail of rod structure on the white background.

Traceable Duct Rodder

Traceable duct rodder with copper or steel wire inserted has excellent conductivity in wire or cable laying projects for follow and map the duct route.

A set of rod grapple


Accessories are available for broken replacement, and where there are complicated conduit conditions, some accessories can help you handle the problem easily.

There is a set of green steel fish tape.

Fish Tape

Fish tape, using steel or fiberglass rod as the material, is widely used in cable pulling of houses and buildings.

Three folded distance meter measuring wheels on the white background.

Meter Measuring Wheels

The mechanical and digital meter measuring wheels are used together with duct rodder to lay the cable on conduits.