Distance Measuring Wheel Used In Mapping Work

There are five sets of meter measuring wheels of different colors and sizes.
MMW-1: We have all kinds of mechanical and digital distance measuring wheels of different sizes and types.

Meter measuring wheels, also called distance measuring wheels, walking measuring wheels and mechanical ranging car, are commonly used in measuring the distance in professional surveying and mapping work. In cable paying work, it can measure the distance between two ends of the conduit and help to estimate the length of rod passing the conduit.

The distance measuring wheels can be classified into two kinds: digital meter measuring wheels and mechanical meter measuring wheels. The digital one will show the letter on the screen.

Our meter measuring wheels can be folded to save space and it is easy to carry. It have strong wheels which can walk fluently on gravel, dirt and grass.

There are names of all parts of the meter measuring wheel.
MMW-2: Every part of the walking measuring wheel are carefully designed for improving using experience.

Meter measuring wheels specification

  • Material: aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber.
  • Classification: big mechanical measuring wheel, small mechanical measuring wheel, big digital measuring wheel, small digital measuring wheel.
  • Type: collapsible, stretchable.
  • Wheel diameter: 318 mm for big one, 159 mm for small one.
  • Height: 1080 mm.
  • Storage height: 530 mm.
  • Wheel rubber thickness: 12 mm.
  • Measurement range: 0-9999.99 m.
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.1 m.
  • Max. counting speed: 360 r/min.
The using height of meter measuring wheel is 1080 mm and the storage height is 530 mm.
MMW-3: The using height make it convenient in using and storage height make it convenient in carrying.
There is a meter measuring wheel in folded style.
MMW-4: We can stretch it during using and fold it when we want to carry it to another place.
There is a distance measuring wheel with a support on the ground.
MMW-5: The distance measuring wheel can stand easily with the support, which makes it more convenient in using.

Features and advantages

  • Reset button
    We feel like using a new meter measuring wheel every time we use it with the reset button.
  • Collapsible frame
    Collapsible frame help to save time and it is more convenient for carrying.
  • Work on all kinds of surface
    The strong wheel and thick rubber make it can work smoothly on dirt, gravel and grass.
  • Convenient for using
    It's ergonomic grip, support and smooth wheel make it easier in using.


The walking measuring wheels are used in distance measuring in many situation, such as cable laying, home-decorating, building construction, surveying work, mapping work and so on.

  • Measurement of accident scene
  • Engineering construction
  • Construction surveying
  • Construction on farmland

Package and transportation

  • Every meter measuring wheel is packed in a bag.
  • Carton packing can protect the goods from broken.
The stretchable and collapsible walking measuring wheels are packed in a bag inside and carton outside.
MMW-6: The outside carton protects the walking measuring wheel in transportation and the rain-resistance bag protects it from water in construction site.

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