Firstly, I want to talk a story about the duct rodder copper head between one of our customer and us.

Last year, one of our customer in India sent a inquiry to us which started our communicate about duct rodders. The customer showed great worry about the copper head. I talked with him deeply and know that he have many years experience on electric wire and cable laying project. The duct rodders they bought were also strong, but the copper head always dropped during usage. It had great influence in they work efficiency.

He showed picture about copper head of their duct rodder and I know what the problem is. Their copper head are only stick to the rod by glue. Luckily, we have advanced hydraulic compression technology to connect the copper head with the rod.

The customer felt hopeful to solve the big problem he had been facing. At last, he placed a try order to check the quality. Of course, we didn't let him down. Now he is our regular customer.

Then, let me show you why our copper head never drop.

There is a hydraulic clamp which is used to connect the copper head with the fiberglass rod.
The hydraulic compression technology can compress the copper head tightly on the rod, which will avoid dropping.
There is a piece of duct rodder with a copper head.
Traditional glue stuck copper head might drop during using.
There is a piece of fiberglass rod with a copper head on it.
Hydraulic compression technology make the duct rodder copper head more strong.
  • Technology
    Traditional copper head are stick to the rod. However, our technology is hydraulic compression.
  • Pulling strength
    Our duct rodder copper head can bear 6300 N which is more than the rod can bear. As a result, even the rod broken, the copper head will not drop.

Maybe some customers worry that will the hydraulic compression broken the copper head. Please don't worry, our hydraulic compression machine are numerical controlled. We can set the suitable strength for different rod diameter.

If you are also facing the problem of copper head drooping, please don't hesitate to contact me for the solution.

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