Operating and safety instructions must be read and understood before using your fiberglass duct rodder. Failure to follow the instructions may cause personal injury or breaking of the duct rodder.

Before operating:

  1. Put the duct rodder at a proper position, a manhole cover for instance.
  2. To prevent unconcerned persons entering the job location, cordon off the area with barriers.
  3. If the cable or wire placing is in a service pipe of residential area, check with relevant department to ensure people's safety.
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected conditions. Wear hard hat, safety gloves or shoes and other recognized safety equipment.

Operating instruction:

Cage brake operation drawing, one hand is loosing the brake.
One hand is pushing the rod out of the cage, through the rod guide eye.
  1. Position the duct rodder outside the conduit that needed to be constructed. For its best stability, check the ground and the surroundings to make sure the duct rodder is at the horizontal position. And you should make sure that each spare part of the duct rodder is on its position. Loose the hand operated brake to make the cage spin, so the rod can be pulled out of the cage. (See Figure 1)
  2. Put the drawing head out of the cage through the eye of the rod guide of the duct rodder frame (See Figure 2). If needed, replace the round head part of the drawing head with other optional accessories. (see more details in Accessories page)
    Note: Protect the drawing head of the duct rodder from breaking off.
  3. Push the duct rod into the conduit slowly by hand, some force may be required for the duct rod to pass through bends. Use the recommended duct rods for the conduit size you are working in. Do not use any mechanical means to push the duct rod when passing through the bends with difficulty.
    Note: If you run out of the duct rod before reaching the other end of the conduit, attach a second duct rod to the first one using a swivel connector.
  4. When the duct rod reaches the other end of the conduit, attach the cable or pull line to the round head. Tighten the hand brake to stop the cage from rolling while pushing the duct rod.
  5. Pull the duct rod back to the cage from the entrance of the conduit. Do not spin the cage to pull the duct rod back to the cage, you must pull the rod through the eye of the cage and into the cage.
  6. Remove the cable or pull line from the end of the duct rod, feed the end of the duct rod through the eye and back into the cage. Pay attention to the storage of the duct rod, make sure that the duct rod if fully inside the cage without the end fitting protruding through the eye.

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